5 Tips to improve your English + Phrasal Verbs List


The English language is a fake simple language, specially the one spoken by native speakers.

Don't ask me how the blue part is made of. My English is definatly less dangerous than this Pizza.

1 Listen a native English speaker at a slower speed rate

ESL Podcast is a collection of audio files in MP3 that give you the opportunity to listen English words and how to use them in different everyday contexts. It is extremely usefull to use the words you know in a correct way.

2 American/English Movies and Songs with Subtitles and Lyrics plugin

Subtitles an Song Lyrics are vital if you are used to watch English movies dubbed in your language. Check out to a Lyrics plugin for your Music Player and try movies in DVD/Bluray or MKV format with subtitles, Mplayer, Media Player Classic and VLC support them.

3 Google Translator + Urban Dictionary

Google Translator isn't only a dictionary, it also understands the different meaning of a term in different situations (but it isn't god). If you don't find a word there probably it is a slang or a bad word, so use Urban Dictionary. You may find words that even native speakers don't know. :D

4 There No English

It doesn't exist a "Standard English", there is the "American Hollywood English", "Urban Slang English", "British English", "Scientific English" and "Latin(o) English", "Indian English", "African English",.. The last ones are used as Lingua Franca among different local minorities, so it's pretty common to find special shadings and simplifications that doesn't exist in plain English.

5 Learn Phrasal verbs

If You studied English but you still have problems in comprehension of the "Real English", probably You have to learn some more Phrasal Verbs. The odd thing is that it doesn't exist a formal list of this special (but common) verb usage, so here are some lists in PDF that will enlighten you :P