How to bypass Quora's text hiding for unregistered users


Quora is one of the last social aswering fluffy website and it's a direct competitor to Yahoo Answers, Stackoverflow,.. but It is also unfair towards anonymous users because it force you to sign up to be able to read other users' answers! (but Quora likes tho be SEO friendly with Google Bot)

Here's an hack to read the full answers as anonymous user, without requiring the mandatory registration

  • Go to a Quora page and type the following address in the location bar(be careful to the javascript: prefix)
javascript:$('.signup_cta_on_answer').hide();$('.blurred_answer').css('text-shadow', '0 0 0px black');
  • You can save it in a bookmark so you don't have to type it every time to unhide the text blurring.

Happy free surfing.

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