Gomorra, italiano e razzismo

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Per protesta contro la mancanza di sottotitoli in Gomorra e per incapacità di risolvere la babele linguistica europea, questo post sarà scritto in inglese.


I've seen the Gomorra movie. I think it is an interesting movie but it has anything to do with the book

gomorra film


The movie is in "napolitan" and without subtitles.
I'll never understand why American or English Filmakers put subtitles when it is needed while Italian filmakers can't.
Shit! not everybody understand this fucking dialect!


The book explain better the Camorra's connection around in Italy and around the world.
"The system" (Camorra) isn't against the State, It'a a parallel state with a Welfare, too!
People protest against legal landfills but not against illegal ones!!!

Italian language and Europe

An European Court says Italian language will be at the same level of English, French and German. Fuck you. Instead of fix this useless babel issue with the most spoken language around the world, the EU accepts new official translations, ridiculous!!
People speaks English, Science speaks English, Internet speaks English, neologisms are in English.. why this fucking Union is unable to do the right decision?

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