Top 10 best Linux DVD ripping and encoding software


It is an intuitive and simple GUI to rip your DVDs into the free codecs Ogg/Theora. The backend used is Gstreamer.
PRO: Nice and friendly GUI, cropping and resizing preview
CONTRO: It's no possible to encode in other codecs

Kungfu DVD Ripper
An easy GUi based on Gstreamer framework
PRO: Chapter preview
CONTRO: early stage development

A Gtk/Perl GUI specifically done to encode in Matroska(mkv) container
PRO: various codec supported
CONTRO: no more active

Full-featured dvd ripping suite since many years
PRO: many many features, distribuited computing
CONTRO: Nuclear Power Plant GUI

Another mplayer frontend, with easy GUI
PRO: quality profiles, automatic cropping
CONTRO: sometimes crashes

A dvd shrink tool made with Gtk Toolkit
PRO: many options avalaible
CONTRO: The GUI could be more intuitive

A dvd shrink tool made with Gtk Toolkit
PRO: nice GUI
CONTRO: it's no possible to cut the credits

Yet another dvd shrink tool made with Gtk Toolkit
PRO: Nice GUI and features

Winki the Ripper
Almost all features you are looking for
PRO: localization, community forum, many features
CONTRO: no mp4 container supported

Another GUi with mp4 support
PRO: mp4 support
CONTRO: sometimes crashes

Update: I have to add 2 interesting projects, k9copy(a dvd shrink tool) and Handbrake (a interesting multiplatform app, but it is only avalaible in console for linux)

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