Freebsd vs Linux 2014 performance and features


I like UNIX/Linux operating systems, I use Free / Open Source softwares that run fine on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, and sometimes also, Windows and other *BSD OSes.
FreeBSD fanboys preferred sport. Trolling and making non-compatible forks of BSD/Unix. Here some rants about FreeBSD 10.
I think both environments have more or less the same features, so it’s more a personal choice than a technical one. However I also think that certain features clearly better in an OS than in the other.

  FreeBSD Linux Winner
sw / hw / drivers no Chrome, Flash Player, Skype

Many proprietary/3d part softwares, drivers, work and are tested at least  on Ubuntu LTS

Parallel init ??? systemd, upstart Linux. This is why FreeBSD boot look so slow. 
Binary packages pkg deb. rpm Linux. Because it's more mature
Containers jails LXC, Docker Both. Jails is more mature than LXC, but Docker gained a lot of traction and will also work on Freebsd in future.
Virtualization bhyve KVM Linux. Because it's more mature
Default filesystem UFS ext4, xfs Linux. Benchmark
Advanced filesystem zfs zfs, btrfs FreeBSD. Because it's built-in, so it's easier to have a ROOT on zfs. But both are supported in OpenZFS initiative.
Docs, community, stability, security official handbook distro docs and Google Both. FreeBSD have official documentation, but many *nix softwares, databases,.. are run in production on Ubuntu LTS, CentOS, Debian which are known stable Linux distributions.
Overall Performance with GNU or BSD/Clang utils with GNU utils Linux. Linux kernel is generally faster than FreeBSD kernel (with GNU or BSD utils)
Networking and queues kqueue epoll FreeBSD. Isn't a secret that most of router OSes are based on *BSD (e.g pfsense) and than Facebook is hiring a kernel hacker to improve Linux networking [1] [2]

Here is just what I think and some links, if you want to add something please leave a comment!


Not being Italian (?), I had to guess at some of the comment form headings. You might want to make these available in English...

DTrace is a brilliant tool which Linux lacks.

do you have a comparison

do you have a comparison about it? I know there is a port of dtrace for linux and similar projects but i never used it

epoll vs kqueue

One of the things you should note is that FreeBSDs kqueue system is much better than the linux epoll. For more info, you can check out this site:


I'll add it