Top 10 best Linux DVD ripping and encoding software


It is an intuitive and simple GUI to rip your DVDs into the free codecs Ogg/Theora. The backend used is Gstreamer.
PRO: Nice and friendly GUI, cropping and resizing preview
CONTRO: It's no possible to encode in other codecs

Kungfu DVD Ripper
An easy GUi based on Gstreamer framework
PRO: Chapter preview
CONTRO: early stage development

A Gtk/Perl GUI specifically done to encode in Matroska(mkv) container
PRO: various codec supported
CONTRO: no more active

Full-featured dvd ripping suite since many years
PRO: many many features, distribuited computing
CONTRO: Nuclear Power Plant GUI

Another mplayer frontend, with easy GUI
PRO: quality profiles, automatic cropping
CONTRO: sometimes crashes

A dvd shrink tool made with Gtk Toolkit
PRO: many options avalaible
CONTRO: The GUI could be more intuitive

A dvd shrink tool made with Gtk Toolkit
PRO: nice GUI
CONTRO: it's no possible to cut the credits

Yet another dvd shrink tool made with Gtk Toolkit
PRO: Nice GUI and features

Winki the Ripper
Almost all features you are looking for
PRO: localization, community forum, many features
CONTRO: no mp4 container supported

Another GUi with mp4 support
PRO: mp4 support
CONTRO: sometimes crashes

Update: I have to add 2 interesting projects, k9copy(a dvd shrink tool) and Handbrake (a interesting multiplatform app, but it is only avalaible in console for linux)

you may want to add

you may want to add acidrip.
It's a pretty good software.... the best one? Give it a try ;)

Please include K9copy

Please include K9copy

handbreak ?

a linea di comando ma molto pratico

xdvdshrink is Qt?

i looked at xDVDShrink because I like KDE/Qt, but it says on the page,
"XDVDShrink is a project in BASH and Perl-Gtk2 that allows you to create fair-use archival copies of DVD content on single-layer writable DVDs."
So it appears your statement that it is based on Qt is wrong?


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